Save Money: A 15 Minute Guide on How to Save and Invest Your Money

Pubblicato il da borsaforextradingfinanza,BottomRight,-32,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgLearn about saving habits, financial stress, and how to stick to a budget in this e-book where concepts are given simple, easy to understand definitions.

You don’t have to be a business mogul or financial guru to be successful and have money readily available to you when you retire. You will also be surprised that successful people have very simple and frugal lifestyles.

If you have a negative relationship with money, you are bound to discover and turn that negative aspect into a positive one, and learn more about smart savings.

Also, you will be able to learn how to teach the value and worth of a dollar, as well as enjoying your life and money without the expensive price tags.

If you are ready for some serious habit changes then let "Save Money: A 15 Minute Guide on How to Save and Invest Your Money" help you discover practical every day tips to saving money like:

Why Do Many People Find It Hard to Save?
How Do You Stop Yourself From Your Compulsion To Shop and To Hoard?
Why do people have low financial IQ?
How can you change your mind set about savings?
How do you limit your spending?
Is it possible to save money even if you have a little income?
How much of your salary should go to saving money?
How do you keep yourself motivated to save?
How do you properly allocate your money between the things you need and the things you just want?
Thinking of owning a credit card?
Saving as a lifestyle
Going On a Date without Money? No Problem!
Expensive habits to cut
How can you earn extra online?
What is passive income?
What after work jobs can you do to earn extra?
Declutter and Earn
Investing your money
What is a mutual fund?
Is it okay to invest in stocks?
Sharing your money
Teach Your Kids How to Save
Enjoying your money
How to Enjoy Saving
Master Your Habits or They Will Master You
Creative Ways to Have Fun without Money

If you are up to the challenge of changing how you handle your finances than grab a copy of this book now and start saving!

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