How to Be a Currency Trader : Never Break Your Own Rules Again with This Unique Approach (Becoming a Successful Currency Trader)

Pubblicato il da borsaforextradingfinanza,BottomRight,-32,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgA winning system will never be profitable in the hands of an undisciplined trader.

90% of losses made in currency trading isn’t due to bad trading strategies but is on how traders have traded them. The main cause of losses: undisciplined trading.

This book exposes the main cause of losses that nearly every currency trader has and will provide you all the tools you need to destroy it. If you are consistently breaking the rules of your trading system, here is the book that will make you a disciplined trader and never to break your own rules again.

Even better, you'll immediately get actionable tips that you can apply right now to make you a successful currency trader.

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