10 Reasons We Fail on Wall Street and how to fix it!

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http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51fYe61iW6L._.jpgWhy do most working people fail to grow their assets on Wall Street? Why is the median liquid assets of retirees only $170,128? What are we doing wrong?
Let's look at how one working person did well. Earl Crawley, a parking lot attendant, has over $500,000 in his stock portfolio. Mr. Earl Crawley has no degree in finance. His home mortgage is paid. He has a family and helps his church. youtube.com/watch?v=XD0svDGyLWU
What did he do that most everyone else does not do? Crawley invested small amounts on a regular basis, first in a mutual fund, then in high earning stocks. He let his money work for him—compounding. Compounding high investment earnings is “the most powerful force in the universe.” Compounding is money earning money on its earnings over time. Simple but powerful.
Compounding works even better when you put your money to work in successful businesses and pay no income taxes or broker/advisor fees. The chart below gives you an idea of how fast your money can grow if you invest it in businesses like the ones whose products you buy every day.
Are you willing to spare $3 a day if you have an excellent chance of receiving $500,000 in the future? After all, your daily smokes or breakfast might cost that much.
I didn't hear anyone say “NO.” And yet there are very few people like “Mr Earl.” Why?

I will help you succeed on Wall Street.


Law Steeple has been in financial services for over 20 years. He was a managing executive of the sales units of a number of bank securities firms. He is one of the insiders who contributed to the The Insiders Guides set of buyers' guides edited by Dan Keppel. The guides provide specific ways to save on all financial services. The Insiders' Guides to Buying Discount Financial Services: Buy Direct and Save $3,000 Every Year is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Abebooks. Law lives in New Jersey and Florida.

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